Service Offering

  • Service to clients
Nowhere else you will find this unique combination of business consultants and
SAP implementation consultants. We always work on the client side, process
Itech Consulting helps you to implement SAP applications that solve business
adressed needs and improve profitability. We do this by understanding your
environment, your requirements, your challenges and placing qualified
professionals to work with your staff.
Itech Consulting offers various services such as Master Plan definition,
feasibility studies, strategic planning, integrated systems development,
analysis and programming, customizing and documentation.
Together with our client, we plan and coordinate all activities related to a
project, by following strict guidelines and a rigorous methodology consisting of
interrelated phases according to an iterative process : needs definition,
detailed analysis, prototyping, implementation and start up of the system.
In SAP implementation, we strongly believe in Asap project tools.
Our added value :
  • Strong knowledge in all SAP modules AND the module's interaction
  • Background experience in Business and Finance

Why would you choose us ?
Ask yourself:
  • Are your employees aware of the state-of-art technologies ?
  • Do you have sufficient workforce to respond to your internal customers during
    peaks ?
  • Wouldn't you like to lighten the costs of payroll ?
  • Do you have a limited time and a limited budget to implement your new business
    flows and procedures ?

    Itech Consulting offers:
  • Ability to adapt easily and quickly to any environment
  • Learning curve is accelerated
  • More efficient in a shorter period
  • Ability to push forward innovative ideas to the board of management
  • Not a burden to the payroll